Session 5: Values and Principles in Entrepreneurship

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Summary: This session examines the connection of entrepreneurship and ethics. Failure in startups is OK. Unethical behavior is not. The last decade of startups saw many facing fundamental failure due to an absence of clear values.  Character and integrity will matter more than ever in the coming decade. For more information what STVP is doing about this, please feel free to skim the links and videos on the Principled Entrepreneurial Action and Knowledge (PEAK) project's website.

Quote of the Day: “When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” Roy Disney

Team Assignment - OAP Term Project 
After this class session is over, one person from each team should submit via Canvas a short document containing a list of ideas for opportunities to evaluate as part of the OAP term project.

Required Readings 
Policy on Required Readings)

1. Watch this Tristan Harris video: Questioning what you do

Read these two news articles about Zenefits:

3. Watch this one video and read these two news articles about WeWork:

4. Read these three news articles about Mike Rothenberg:

Study Questions (Policy on Study Questions)

Be prepared to discuss each company as a mini-case during the class session.

1. What went wrong at Zenefits, WeWork, and Rothenberg?

2. What were the values (or missing values) that resulted in the employee behaviors and crises each company faced?

3. As a potential employee of a company, how would you learn about and evaluate its values before joining?

Recommended Readings

Online Assignment - All students submit
Reflect upon a time when you compromised your values to achieve your goals.  Write 2-3 paragraphs describing the situation and submit on Canvas.