16: OAP Dress Rehearsal

Friday, November 13, 2015
Summary: OAP Dress Rehearsal. In the Silicon Valley spirit of helping others and sharing ideas in order to do great things, each team will be paired up at the start of this session and then will ideally present a rough draft of their final OAP presentation to the other team. This exercise is designed to both allow you to receive feedback on your presentation and let you practice giving feedback to others. Please make sure your team will have some materials to present and receive feedback by the start of this session unless you work out a different arrangement with the team you are paired with for another time that works for all. We highly encourage you to post any draft materials (i.e., the slide deck) to your OAP website beforehand. Send a simple confirmation email to the teaching team by Monday, November 16 at Noon that this rehearsal has taken place.

Quote of the Day: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela

Team Pairings for 2015 OAP Dress Rehearsals

Pair 1: Angels and Unicorns and Octane
Pair 2: Cardinal Capital and Silicon Mountain
Pair 3: Raising the Bar and D2P2M
Pair 4: Aviato and Arborvitae

Required Reading: