14: Founders Dilemma II (Culture)

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Summary The Gusto case addresses one of the most subtle problems a company is confronted to when scaling: Culture. As they go from the "garage" to the large company headquarters, how do startups make sure they organization stays consistent and true to their values?

Quote of the Day:
“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams

Term Project:
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Please prepare your team's PS3 by today and post to your team's website. Depending on what you've learned in the past week, your PS2 may have been validated or changed. To explain why your PS3 looks as it does, once again prepare a report of your direct research (both primary and secondary).

  • What additional research have you done?
  • Who else have you spoken to and why? (List)
  • What did you learn this time?
Guest: Josh Reeves

Required Readings (Policy on Required Readings.)
Study Questions (Policy on Study Questions)
  • How does Gusto maintain its core values and community as the company grows so quickly? (Hint: Consider levers that you control, such as the employee on-boarding experience, organizational structure, recruiting strategy, community and training programs, internal communication, offsites and retreats, office space ambiance and layout, recognition and rewards, all-hands meetings, compensation structures, etc.)
  • How might you track the impact and effectiveness of these actions?
  • What are the trade-offs that need to be considered? What can scale and what does not scale?

Online Assignment - Only Group B submits.