Session 1: Course Overview and Silicon Valley

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Special Alert: In order to be considered for admission to E145, you must signup on Axess and attend this session (Session 1). We will notify each applicant of their status as soon as possible and clear the waiting list at the start of Session 2 on Thursday.

Quote of the Day: "A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties." Harry Truman

Summary: This first meeting of the course will provide a complete overview of the course including introductions of the teaching team, our expectations, and exactly how we plan to exceed the expectations of all students. We will discuss these learning goals for this quarter:
  1. Appreciate that entrepreneurship is a mindset that values creativity, innovation, ethics, and leadership. It can be applied to all facets of personal and professional development in life.
  2. Learn how to differentiate between an idea and a viable opportunity to create and grow a high-impact business or enterprise.

  3. Develop an understanding of entrepreneurial strategy, marketing, and finance in pursuit of an opportunity

  4. Practice essential skills for team formation and success.
  5. Examine the importance of entrepreneurial ecosystems and innovation clusters to healthy society and economies.
As time allows, we will discuss Silicon Valley. What exactly is the significance of "Silicon Valley"? How has it been created? What is unique about Silicon Valley, and what could be replicated in other regions of the world?

Study Questions
(Policy on Study Questions.)
  • What is entrepreneurship?  Can it be taught and learned (or is it something you are born with)?
  • Why should engineering, science, and humanities (i.e. non-business) students study entrepreneurship?
  • In what ways might Silicon Valley's last 80 years compare to historical periods of innovation such as the Renaissance during the 15th century? In your opinion, what is the primary reason Silicon Valley has been such an influential economic hub?
  • Geographically speaking, where do you plan to start your professional career after graduation? Why?
Required Readings (Policy on Required Readings.)
  • Carefully review the one-page Course Syllabus grid. Also browse this entire E145 course website. Please come to class prepared with any questions.
Recommended Readings (Policy on Recommended Readings)